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Simplify your budgeting with Kardin Portal

Kardin is the budgeting solution the CRE industry knows and trusts. With data centrally stored in the cloud, property and asset managers can spend more time managing assets and less time managing budgets. Access budgets anywhere, anytime, a connected web browser is all you need. Also, you can streamline the budget review process by inviting others to view your data online or send exports to them so you’re on the same page.

For Administrators

Portal contracts require two company administrators who will:

  • Setup properties
  • Invite users
  • Assign permissions to users/user groups for each property
  • Manage license usage
  • Monitor user access/permissions to properties
  • Audit properties in license pools
  • Manage and control the use of standard COA templates

For Property Managers

  • Used for budgeting, reforecasting & reconciliation
  • COA template supports standardize reporting and integration with accounting
  • Imports lease data from accounting to limit manual entry
  • Rent roll is one-stop shop for contract and spec leases, recoveries, occupancy, TIs and LC
  • Calculates management fees based on gross income
  • Dynamically calculates recoveries as expenses and occupancy change; supports gross-ups, caps, base years, and more
  • Reforecasts can be rolled forward from budgets, retaining rent roll, expense and recoveries data and populated with actuals
  • Industry-leading reports and back-up schedules for easy auditing
  • Preferred by property managers for over 25 years

For Asset Managers

  • See new Portfolios feature here
  • Access to property-level reports using Quick Reports feature
  • Create a Portfolio by selecting list of properties
  • Access to real time budget and reforecast data
  • Workflow allows AMs to lock budgets when approved and finalized
  • Access to Portfolio Level Reports including but not limited to
    • Year-over-Year Comparison
    • Budget Comparison $/SF per Property
    • Drill-down Reports by Account or Property 
    •  Performance Summary: NOI vs. CF for each property in Portfolio
  • All reports exportable to Excel
  • Exports Speculative Leases into VTS

Portal Highlights

  • End users can get to budgets with two clicks (after setup by Admin)
  • Data Flow: Automatic update of financials from reforecast to budgets for year-over-year comparison
  • Workflow: Ability to set budgets and reforecasts from “working” to “pending” or “Approved”
  • Quick Reports feature for viewers without consuming a license
  • Access to portfolio reports and features
  • Data from Kardin Portal can be exported and opened with the latest version of the Kardin Budget desktop application

Kardin in the Cloud

  • Kardin hosts application and data
  • No software to install
  • No licenses or files to manage
  • Continuous, seamless upgrades
  • Centralized data storage accommodates multiple budget version and easy, centralized access to all budgets and reforecasts

Kardin Experience

  • Able to import existing Kardin Budget and Reforecast files
  • Existing Kardin users do not require training
  • Extensive help found in the Customer Center, and world-class support

Easy Deployment

  • All licenses are concurrent and sharable
  • May add multiple properties for each account
  • May invite owners and multiple users to view budgets using Quick Reports