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Empower your real estate decisions with Kardin Portal

Proven power for commercial real estate budgeting and reforecasting.

Kardin Budget has been relied upon in the industry for decades. It offers powerful and flexible solutions for easier budgeting.

  • Allows for easy rollover of previous year data and efficient transition into the next budgeting season.
  • Provides tools that simplify the reforecasting process and help plan for the future of an asset.
  • Users can create a snapshot of their budget at any point during the budget year for more accurate reforecasts and insights​.
  • Kardin Portal facilitates easier CAM recoveries, taxes, and insurance billing attribution for each tenant.
  • Get teams up and running fast including COA file setup, uploading of suites, tenants, rents, and loading of all previous year financials. Kardin also offers training and support to ensure users succeed with their budgeting​.
“We’ve been using Kardin Budget for many, many years, and it’s incredible the amount of time it’s saved us doing CAM Recs!”


Donna W., Senior Property Manager

“Kardin’s terrific reporting package ticks and ties to what our owners need, we love its consistency across the entire portfolio.”


Jonathan D., Portfolio Manager

Unlock budgeting efficiency with Kardin

Seamless budgeting tailored for you

Uncover the power of swift and accurate CAM Recs with Kardin Portal.

Kardin Portal is more than just a tool. It's an always-available “partner” that understands your unique needs, effortlessly calculating CAM, taxes, and insurance billing for each of your tenants. The process is transparent and straightforward:

  • Upload 12 months of actuals with ease.
  • Inform Kardin of your estimated tenant bills for seamless tracking.
  • Generate comprehensive tenant statements. Kardin provides an accurate breakdown of all your CAM, taxes, and insurance billing, and can even generate statements for each tenant.

Budgeting and reforecasting simplified.

Precision crafted budgeting

Embrace in-depth insights through budget snapshots for unparalleled accuracy.

Kardin’s robust budget snapshot feature lets you stay ahead, providing foresight and precision, not just a comparison of actuals versus budget over time.

  • Integrate actuals with ease.
  • Adjust budgeted amounts fluidly—carry them forward or remove them as needed.
  • Track your leasing assumptions.
  • Explore, view, and print a range of reports for comprehensive management.
  • Harness the power of Kardin and transform budgeting into a strategic advantage.

Experience unparalleled precision with Kardin Portal.

Streamlined onboarding experience

Fast, effective setup with Kardin’s integrated implementation services.

We support your team through every step of the journey—COA file setup, data uploads, importing previous year's financials, and property-specific setups for both Commercial and Residential properties. Your onboarding includes:

  • Empower your team with the skills they need to efficiently complete budgets or reforecasts with the help of the Kardin team.
  • Utilize our expansive library of over 100 online training videos and custom checklists to expedite your budgeting or reforecasting process.
  • Connect with our dedicated and expert support team.
  • Speed up implementation, with completions achievable in as short as 1 or 2 weeks.
Discover the Kardin difference today.