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  • Residential License

    Effectively manage your multi-family property budget with our Residential License, which includes comprehensive calculations for gross potential rent, loss-to-lease, and turnover costs to ensure optimal forecasting and financial planning.


    Portal / Concurrent License

    SKU: 6002

  • Single-Building License

    Efficient budgeting, accurate reforecasting, and reliable recoveries calculations tailored specifically for standalone office, retail, and industrial properties.


    Portal / Concurrent License

    SKU: 6004

  • Multi-Building License

    Effortlessly manage multi-building properties such as office and industrial parks with ease. Allocate expenses for multiple buildings and set up expense recoveries based on building or project-level expenses.


    Portal / Concurrent License

    SKU: 6034

  • Upgrade to Multi-Building License

    Upgrade from Single-Building License.


    Portal / Concurrent License

    SKU: 6-MB

  • Portfolios

    Powerful portfolio and property-level reporting.

Portfolios Annual Fees
# of Properties
per Portfolio         Annual Fee

  0 – 3                $0
4 – 25               $2,500
26 – 50              $5,000
51 – 100              $10,000
101 – 150            $15,000
151 – 200 $20,000
201 – 250 $25,000
250+ Price Upon Request


  • Consulting – COA Conversion

    Assistance with the conversion of existing Kardin file(s) from the old Chart of Accounts to the new Chart of Accounts.

    Starting at


    SKU: COA

  • Consulting – Implementation

    Kardin Implementation includes: service confirmation call, software setup and installation, set up one chart of accounts, one-hour kick-off meeting, one-hour ongoing support (valid for one year), file setup for one property.

    Starting at


    SKU: Consulting-Implementation

  • Support Session

    Assistance with questions and issues arising during budget/reforecast file completion. Sold in one-hour blocks at $250 per hour, and can be scheduled in 30-minute sessions, valid for one-year from date of purchase.

    Starting at


    SKU: Support