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The Portfolios feature in Kardin Portal enables you to roll multiple properties into a single entity for reporting purposes. This feature helps you identify areas for improvement, track performance, and make informed decisions about future investments.

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Monthly Detail Report

If all properties are either using a standard Master COA or mapped to a standard Master COA, you can roll it up in a Portfolio and view the monthly detail or summary.

a-Port01-Monthly Detail-1

Variance Report

Variance reports may compare two or three periods with explanations on the entire portfolio.


GL Schedule Report

Asset Managers can drill down to any GL account and view the individual line items for all properties in a portfolio.

a-Port03-GL Schedule-1

Lease Absorption Report

Leasing Reports are included, one of which is Leasing Absorption.


Lease Expiration Detail Report

Review expiration dates, property statistics, and other information for leases for a specified time period.

Lease Expiration Highlight

Budget Comparison

Budget Comparison provides Avg $/SF for Portfolio vs. each property’s S/SF for benchmarking.


Rent Schedule Report

Rent Schedule for all properties in Portfolio; other leasing reports include Rent Roll, TI, LC.


Performance Summary Export

This export report contains four sheets, two with parameters for the data and two with data. The cover sheet provides KPIs for measuring the performance of a budget. The analysis page dives into the data a little deeper. The parameter sheets allow for flipping the sign on categories of data as well as adding property attributes to the cover and analysis sheets.

Performance Summary Report v3

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