Now it’s even easier to experience the
power and flexibility of the Kardin Budget System.

For more than 20 years, you’ve relied on Kardin Budget for its ease-of-use and powerful reporting capabilities. Kardin Portal brings that same simplicity and power to your browser, eliminating the need to install software and manage licenses. Plus, you can invite others to view your data online, or send exports to them like you always have.

Kardin Portal is your online gateway to the Kardin software you’ve come to know and trust. With all your data stored in the cloud, property managers can spend more time managing assets and less time managing budget files. Work on budgets anywhere, an internet connection and a web browser are all that’s needed to use Kardin Portal. It can also streamline the budget review process, as all invited users will be able to access the same budget data in the Portal. This results in less time wasted, and more time spent on what really matters: The bottom line.

Kardin Portal Highlights

  • Kardin Budget in the browser functions similarly to the desktop application

  • Runs in modern web browsers such as newer versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

  • No installations or need for license management

  • No need to worry about files using compatible versions

  • All Portal Licenses are concurrent seats with annual subscriptions so you may add as many users as you like

  • End users can get to budgets with two clicks (after setup by Admin)

  • Existing Kardin Budget and Reforecast files can be easily imported into Kardin Portal

  • Data from Kardin Portal can be exported and opened with Kardin Budget Version 40 (desktop version)

  • Budget Consolidation to be included in Kardin Portal Version 2

For the Company End-User

  • Upload an existing budget or reforecast

  • Create a new budget/reforecast from scratch

  • Import data for budget/actuals/Lease Data

  • Prepare budget/reforecast as done currently in the desktop application

  • Create next year’s budget from current year’s reforecast
  • Create a current year reforecast from current year budget

  • Export final budget data into a format which is easily imported into accounting systems

  • Export Kardin Portal data into Kardin Budget Version 40 (desktop version) using *.cm3 or *.rf3 extension

For the Company Administrator

  • Each Contract requires two Company Administrators who will:

    • Setup Properties

    • Invite Users

    • Assign Permissions to Users/User Groups for each Property

    • Track License Usage

    • Monitor User Access/Permissions to Properties

    • Audit properties in License Pools

    • Load a standard COA Template for new properties to use