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What is Kardin Budget System (KBS)?

KBS is specifically designed for commercial real estate professionals that manage many different types of properties. KBS makes it easy to create detailed operating budgets, perform reforecasts throughout the year, calculate operating expense recoveries and perform year-end expense reconciliations.

Which Kardin Budget System Best Fits Your Needs?

  • KBS for Commercial Single Building Properties
    Handles budgeting, reforecasting and recoveries calculations for standalone office, retail and industrial properties.
  • KBS for Multi-Building Properties
    Handles multi-building properties like office and industrial parks. Expenses can be allocated to multiple buildings and expense recoveries can be setup based on building or project-level expenses.
  • KBS for Multi-Family Properties
    Quickly and easily calculates Gross Potential Rent, Loss-to-Lease, Turnover and Payroll costs.
  • Kardin Consolidation System (KCS) for Portfolio Consolidation
    KCS allows owners and asset managers to consolidate budgets or reforecast for the entire portfolio.
Easy-to-useDesigned for property managers
Robust operational calculatorRobust set of financial and operational reports
Powerful recoveries calculationsLow ongoing training cost
Dynamically integrated rent rollWorks with all property management accounting systems
Reportability and transparent auditingMost user friendly and accurate tool for CAM calculations
Gain insights and spot trendsHandles complex multi-building projects
Real reforecasts vs. actuals plus budget
Preferred budgeting solution for all major third-party service providers
Who Buys Kardin?Who Uses Kardin?
Owners of:Owners and Managers of Commercial Real Estate
      • Office BuildingsPMCs
      • Retail Shopping CentersREITs
      • Industrial ParksInstitutional Advisors
      • Large Multi-Family Projects
Institutional Advisors
Property Management Companies (PMCs)

Named Lease License Pricing

ProductPricingIdeal ForLicense DurationInstallation Options
Multi-Family$1,100• 1–3 Dedicated Users
• Third-Party Management
One-YearDesktop/laptop, Terminal Server
To order Named Lease Licenses, please use the order form below.

Concurrent Subscription License Pricing

ProductPricingIdeal ForLicense DurationInstallation Options
Multi-Family$1,400• Min. 5 concurrent users
• 4 users or more
• All users within same company
• Any company moving to cloud service provider

*(Must purchase minimum of 5 Concurrent Subscription licenses.)
One-YearDesktop/laptop, Terminal Server, Cloud Service Provider, IP Address
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To order Concurrent Subscription Licenses, please contact sales@kardin.com or call (425) 363‑2235